Tuesday, July 27, 2010

KTKM Beranang. Tue 7/27/10 Aikido class notes.

Taught the students two techniques instead of three as originally planned. Tonight the students seemed more at ease with the movements compared with last week. The fact that IM was around helped me to speed up the teaching a bit.

I observed that some of the students were unable to focus on the training. Sometimes their attention will wonder away from the task in hand. Others were chasing each other around in the background even when the class was in progress.

The students are planning to print T-shirts for Aikido class. I heard them talking about what suitable design to use for the t-shirts.

There is also talk that the college is interested in forming a Aikido club that is separate from the Aikido curriculum. That is good news. Will have to wait for the college management to work things out.

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