Thursday, December 10, 2009

Payment of fees for kyu grading.... have become so forgetful...

Paying the grading fees on behalf of the students can be a chore. Maybank would not accept online payment via Maybank2u because the MAA account is a business current account that has more than one signatory.

Forgetful person
Maybank2U only allows current account transaction if the current account belongs to an individual. There is no such restriction in Public Bank online. Don't understand what is the logic behind such a practice. So each time when I want to deposit money to MAA I have to do it in person over the counter in the bank, usually during lunch time. Luckily for me there is a Maybank branch within walking distance from my office.

Forgotten something?
Today after lunch I had thought about going to the bank to pay in the grading fees in cash  the counter. As usual I searched my Nokia handset for the stored MAA account number. To my surprise I couldn't locate the account number. Puzzled I tried to recall where the account number is stored in the hand set. After a while I realised that since the day I changed my hand phone to the current model I had not remembered to save the MAA account in the phone. ....Oh dear! ...How forgetful I have become of late....

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