Monday, November 30, 2009

Sore calfs

The calf muscles are still sore today, though not as much as yesterday. The pain worsen the next day after the traditional massage treatment in Hulu Langat on Friday.

The long hours of walking at KLCC yesterday must have contributed to the delay in the healing process.
sore tendons in the calf

I felt my left calf muscles pulling during the 3rd National Aikido seminar in Melaka about 3 weeks ago. At first the pain was felt around the left calf region only. Then a few days later it spread to my left toes causing stiffness and soreness in the leg. A week after the seminar the pain spread to the right leg.

After receiving massage treatment in Hulu Langat two weeks ago the soreness receded some what. Then after the hike up the sleep trails of Broga Hill last Friday and the long walk about at KLCC on Sunday, the discomfort got worse.

The last class I had to wear a knee guard to relief some pressure on the left calf especially when sitting down in seiza. I am hoping that I should be able to lead the class this Friday without too much discomfort. Anyway I'll keep my knee guard on standby mode in case I need it.

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