Friday, August 28, 2009

Fri 28 2009. La Pelangi Semenyih Dojo

Was pleasantly surprised that one guy had already shown up in the center by the time I  stepped into the hall. The guy is a Chinese youth by the name of Y. He was the one who asked me by phone on Mon about Aikido training in Semenyih. After answering his call I thought nothing of it, half expecting to be just another of the so many unproductive calls that I regularly receive. Anyway I followed up by sending a sms  reminder on Tue and Fri morning, not treally believing that it would matter at all.

Another surprised. The young man signed up for the premium package of RM90.00. After all necessary paper work I started the class with the usual warm up.

About 15 minutes into the training, I came. I immediately asked him to join the training as I didn't want to interrupt the class with paper work.

The two guys seemed to take the training with relative ease even though we were rolling and falling on the hard floor. Of the two Y is a complete beginner in martial art while I revealed his previous martial art background in the way he moved and deliver his strikes. I paid for the dogi and also signed up for the regular package.

After the class ended at 9.30pm we hung around the place for a further 1/2 hours for some chatting. I was particular talkative, asking me many questions while Y just observed the conversation in silent.

Time flew and before I realised it dear wife was already buzzing me on my hand phone. As expected when I stepped into the house after returning from the dojo dear wife was already complaining loudly about my late home coming.

As I was half expecting standing in front of an empty gallery I was happy with just two persons signing up and paying the mat fees. It is a good start and I hope these two will bring in their friends to practice Aikido at the centre. After Ramadan I expect the student enrollment to pick up.

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